Collection Services

Direct Debiting System

It refers to the transactions ensuring that any invoices issued for forward sales of goods and services by parent companies to their dealers are collected automatically when they fall due, and providing the collection guarantee to the parent company under some certain conditions.

Advantages of Direct Debiting System (DDS) for your Company:

  • As the collection guarantee is provided by our Bank, the cash flow of your company will become faster and more reliable.
  • As the current balances of dealers/clients available on our system will be reported regularly to your company, you will have the opportunity to get informed about the financial standing of your dealers/clients.
  • It will save time, and minimize the operational work load and costs/expenses.

Advantages of Direct Debiting System (DDS) for your Dealer:

  • You will be relieved of the operational work load and legal sanctions imposed by the payments by cheque/bill.
  • It will make invoice follow-up process easier.
  • Thanks to loan limit, payments will become easier to make in case of cash inadequacy.

Collective Cheque/Bill Collection and Integration Processes

With respect to companies that make their collections generally by cheques and bills; integrated service is provided via automatic and company accounting programs by means of cheque-bill input files.

Cash and Cheque Collection Services

Your cash and cheques are ensured to be collected from any location you wish by means of armored vehicles at the pre-determined dates and times, and to be deposited into your accounts subsequently.

Payment Services

Cheque - Bill Transactions

You can make use of our bank's cheque-book in TRY or any foreign currency to make your payments by cheque, and relieve of your cash shortage. You can submit any cheques, received from your clients, for collection purposes or to serve as the collateral for your loan.

Specially-designed cheques may be issued in a manner to bear the logo of your company.

Your bill collections are performed by our bank under protest or without protest, and then transferred into your accounts.

Cash Management Payment System (Collective Payments in TRY or FX)

It refers to a highly-secured and easy-to-use computer program developed to facilitate payment operations of companies, which make multiple and collective payments, and to prevent any user errors.

You can download and install Odeabank Collective Payment application on your computer for your collective Remittance/EFT transactions. The program facilitates creation of payments files and orders you will send to the bank.

FX Collective Payment Platform enables you to perform domestic and international transfers in FX by means of highly-secured and easy-to-use money transfer options by files.

You may send all files created to our Bank by e-mail, online banking and S-FTP ( Secure Payment Platform).

Payment files, sent to our Bank, may be Bank-approved, Client-approved or may not be approved upon execution of an agreement with your entity upon your request thereto.

Regular Payments

You can place an automatic payment order from your accounts, held with our bank, for your regular payments such as rent, maintenance fee, etc.

Salary Payments

Employees' salary payments of private sector companies or public authorities are performed fast and smoothly through secure file transfer method.

Bill Payments

You can make your bill payments such as power, water, natural gas, mobile phone, etc. through Digital Banking, Online Banking or our branches.

You can make all your payments smoothly with just an automatic payment order to be placed by you from your account or credit card.

Social Security Institution (SSI) Transactions

You can make your SSI payments through our branches and Direct Banking channels, and ensure that your payments are made from your account or credit card upon placing an order with our bank.

Moreover; you can also make your SSI Premium payments by your Odeabank credit card using the SSI Payment Gateway on

Tax Payments

All tax types, banks are authorized to collect, and some tax types are collected by means of Direct Banking.

You can make your Motor Vehicles Tax (MVT) payments collectively by means of the agreed file format.

Customs Duty Transactions

You can make your Customs duty payments for your Customs Declarations through Direct Banking and counters at our branches.

Information Services

Mikro – Odeabank Integration

Our clients, who make use of the accounting program titled as "Mikro", can automatically recognize all collective payment and cheque status details in an integrated manner on version 15 or more recent versions.

Swift mt940

Details for all activities performed in your accounts are transferred electronically with transaction codes as appropriate to your accounting systems in line with the global standard Swift mt940 format.

Online Account Activities

You can access your account activities through online web services via adhoc queries and secure protocols. ​​​