Investment Products

Investment Products

Foreign Exchange Buy Sell

It refers to the conversion of the import/export transactions, cheques and other debt instruments in foreign currency to cash and the conversion of Turkish Lira to various foreign currencies or vice versa by means of other payments and collections similar to such items or for investment purposes. You can make foreign exchange buying – selling transactions through Odeabank branches and alternative distribution channels.

Parity Buy Sell

Transactions that enable the conversion of one foreign currency in the Customer's asset to another for purposes of making a payment or investment. You can execute parity buying-selling transactions through all Odeabank branches and alternative distribution channels.

Currency Swaps

It is the transaction of converting temporarily a currency to another currency for a pre-determined time period and to reconvert the obtained currency to the source currency at the end of the time period. It can be described as creating resource in another currency temporarily instead of the underlying source currency or to convert the currency indebted temporarily to a debt in another currency and reconvert the same to the debt in the source currency. You can trade Currency Swaps through Odeabank Branches and through the Odeabank Treasury Department.

Interest Rate Swaps

It is the conversion of a return or payment to fixed rate, although interest yield or interest cost of a debt or asset floats along with the market rate; or conversion of the payment or return starting with fixed rate to floating rate. You can execute this transaction mainly for your needs like converting the loan interest rate with floating rate to fixed rate or vice versa and you can obtain a pricing and technical support from the Odeabank Treasury Department.

Treasury Bills / Government Bonds

Issued by T.R. Treasury in TL or foreign exchange, these debt instruments are medium and long term investment instruments providing return for your money. While T-Bills have maturities of less than 1 year, government bonds have maturities of 1 year or more and both are government debt securities indexed to foreign currency or Exchange.

You can make medium term and long term investments with Treasury Bills and Government Bonds. Additionally, you can sell and convert such investment instruments to cash at any time without waiting for the maturity, thus you can benefit from the alternative investment opportunities, which may arise in the markets.


It is sale of treasury bills or government bonds with the repurchase commitment at the interest rates determined as per the market conditions.It is offered to our customers through branches and alternative distribution channels.


Eurobonds are long-term debt instruments in general, offered by a government or institutions in foreign currencies in the international market to provide foreign borrowing. This instrument is for investors, preferringa yield on their savings with the investment instruments in foreign currency and who intend to make long-term investments.

What are the Features of Eurobonds?

  • They are generally issued in USD or EUR.
  • The maturity ranges between 5 to 30 years in general.
  • The coupon interest rate is either fixed or variable. It may be paid once in six months or once in a year. Coupon payments are rendered once in six months for USD bonds and once in a year for EUR bonds.
  • The interest rate of the coupons are expressed as an annual simple interest rate.
  • The standard transaction date on value dates is T+3 working days.
  • The minimum figure for Eurobond sales is determined as USD 10,000 at Odeabank.

Advantages of Eurobonds

  • A suitable investment instrument for individuals and companies wishing to make long term investments in a foreign currency.
  • It is traded in international markets.
  • It provides a regular cash flow to investors by making coupon payments in certain periods. Generally the coupons have fixed interest rates. Principal amount and coupon payments are rendered in the currency that they are issued.
  • Although Eurobonds are long-term, they provide investors the advantage of converting to cash before the maturity, just as in the case of Treasury Bills and Government Bonds.
  • Its yield is higher than other currency type investments; however since it is traded in international markets, it is open to price fluctuations, which may arise as a result of both domestic and foreign economic and political developments. Thus there is the risk of principal.
  • Eurobond coupon payments are free of withholding taxes.
  • Being issued by T.R. Treasury, the Eurobonds are under the guarantee of the Government.

Detailed Information on Eurobonds

  • You can obtain detailed information regarding Eurobonds from all Odeabank branches or by calling Odeabank Phone Banking on 444 8 444.
  • Long term, coupon payment bonds issued abroad for providing foreign borrowing by governments or institutions. Being appropriate for long term investments in a foreign currency, Eurobonds can be converted to cash before its maturity. They are offered to our customers through branches and alternative distribution channels.


An investment product, for which you may opt for in order to increase your return on your time deposits. By transferring to the bank the right to buy or sell the currency at a pre-determined term and level, the customer gets a certain premium in return, by means of the option transaction within DCD. Along with the return of such premiums, the return of the said deposit increases as well.

Advantages of DCDs (Dual Currency Deposits)

  • You can benefit from the opportunities arising in the markets with your investment.
  • It can be applied in all currency parities. (USD/TRY, EUR/TRY, EUR/USD…)


A Forward is a contract enabling the selling or purchase of a given foreign currency versus another currency on a future date at a predetermined term and exchange rate.The most significant advantage is that you can determine the transaction maturity and amount as per your needs.On the maturity, the parties are required to fulfill their obligations in the pre-determined rate and amount.

Corporates and investors prefer to execute forward transactions to mitigate against exchange risks.

Advantages of Forward Transactions

  • Whatever the level of the currency traded on the term, the transaction rate engaged through forwards will be valid. The customer is not affected by such fluctuations and price changes in the markets.
  • No advance premium payment is required.

Detailed Information on Forward Transactions

You can obtain detailed information regarding forward transactions from Odeabank Branches.


An alternative providing the flexibility to your investments that you need in this rapid changing financial markets of the new era: "How about investing in option contracts with the Odeabank difference?"

An Option is a contract giving the investor, who buys the option, the right to buy or sell an asset on a certain maturity or on a date until the maturity of a certain amount and at a certain price. In options, the right to buy or sell (to execute the option) belongs to the party buying the contract. The party buying the option pays the option seller a pre-determined premium in return for this option right.

Option contracts can be traded both in organized markets and OTC markets. Thus, the maturity, amount and price of the option can be determined according to specific needs.The assets subject to Option contracts are quite variable. Depending on the need, transactions can be executed on foreign exchange, interest, equities, asset-backed indexes, capital market instruments and raw material-backed contracts. The mostly traded contracts in our country are foreign exchange contracts and security contracts.

Advantages of Option Transactions

The Option buyer is not affected by price movements, which may occur on the maturity of the instrument to be traded by paying a certain premium with the option transaction. The buyer has a right to trade or not on maturity date. The Option provides the buyer an insurance opportunity against price movements to an extent foreseen by the buyer. The Option Seller is entitled to have the return corresponding to the risk to an extent determined by the seller. Thus, the seller further demands from the buyer a return as a premium, in addition to the risk-free (interest rate) return of the asset that the seller owns.

Detailed Information Regarding Option Transactions

You can obtain detailed information regarding option transactions from Odeabank Branches.