SMS Services

SMS Services

You’ll always have your information with you using Odeabank SMS services. SMS services allows you to receive information from Odeabank by using the short message service (SMS) of your mobile phone.

Carry out your transactions by sending an SMS to 8444 short number with the keyword and details from any cell phone operator in Turkey. You won’t be charged any SMS fee for transactions made over this channel.

The services offered can be separated under two groups: General Information and Personal Information. For the use of services containing personal information, you are required to activate your services on the "SMS Banking" section under the "Help &Settings" menu on the Internet Banking platform or from the Contact Center by calling 444 8 444. For general information notifications, you only need to register your phone number in our Bank’s systems.


You can execute the following transactions through Odeabank SMS services:

Genel Bilgilendirme ve İşlemler

Key Word Explanation Usage Examples Is the System Registry Required?
DOVIZ You can obtain our Bank's foreign exchange buying/selling rates via SMS. DOVIZ NO
SUBE You can obtain our branch addresses on your phone. Send your state and province name followed by the keyword without using Turkish characters. SUBE {STATE} {PROVINCE} NO
BAKIYE You can receive your account balance via SMS. You can also receive Turkish Lira balances via SMS, provided that you type the balance and customer number. BAKIYE or BAKIYE USD YES
TAHVIL You can receive your bills’/bonds’ balances at our Bank or via SMS TAHVIL YES
GÜNCEL Your current term credit card transactions amount GÜNCEL NO
EKSTRE Your last credit card statement amount EKSTRE NO
NAKIT Personal loan application NAKIT {TCKN} NO
BANKO Odeabank credit card application BANKO {TCKN} NO
ATLAS Odeabank credit card application ATLAS {TCKN} NO
ŞİFRE You can define PIN for Odeabank credit card ŞİFRE {4 digits PIN} {last 4 digits and cvv code} NO
ŞİFRE You can define PIN for Odeabank debit card ŞİFRE {4 digits PIN} {last 4 digits} NO