Notification Center​

Stay informed instantly about your banking transactions, markets, and accounts with Odeabank Notification Center!

General Information

Account Transactions

  • Transfer Notification (Real-time)
  • Outgoing Transfers (Real-time)
  • Inter-account Transfer (Real-time)
  • Balance Transfer (Daily/Weekly/Monthly)

Investment Information

  • Exchange Rates Information (Daily)
  • Term Deposit Information (One Day Before Maturity)
  • Repo Information (On Maturity Date)
  • Treasury Bills/Government Bond Information (On Maturity Date)
  • Option Expiry Notification (One Day Before Expiry)

Credit Card Information

  • Credit Card Expenses (Real-time)
  • Credit Card Cash Advance (Real-time)
  • Credit Card Payment Due Date (Daily)

Payment Information

  • Loan Payment Status Notification (On Payment Date)
  • Loan Payment Due Date Notification (1 Day Before Payment Date)
  • Future Dated Transfer Status Notification (Real-time)
  • Automatic Bill Payment Status Notification (On Payment Date)
  • Cheque Payment Status Notification (On Payment Date)
  • Clearing Cheque (TRY/USD) Status Notification (Real-time)