A Career in Odeabank

A Career in Odeabank

Odeabank’s work culture rests on the principle that provides a work environment of open and bilateral communication within the confines of respect, love and trust towards employees that can last for many years to come.

Wielding the advantage of collaborating and working with a creative team that has constructive intelligence, in Odeabank, every individual brings value added to the work environment.

The company’s objective is to ensure that every employee adds strength to the team spirit, and works with pleasure in the framework of ethical values. Opportunities are made available to achieve diversity, and experience the privileges of an international cultural structure within the corporate setting. On the path that will carry Odeabank to the future, it is essential to have a work environment where experience, innovation, awareness of responsibility and dynamism prevails.

Employee Profile

The Odeabank Family is composed of individuals who are:

  • Well-educated,
  • "Customer satisfaction" oriented,
  • In step with technological developments,
  • Of a global mindset,
  • Enthusiastic learners open to novelties,
  • Apt for teamwork.


In Odeabank, all selection and recruitment processes are set up to hire the candidate who has the education, experience, proficiency and credentials that will most adequately satisfy the requirements of the position in question. Open positions that will arise as a result of our rapid growth and development will be announced on the web site www.kariyer.net.

Applications will be evaluated thoroughly; provided that they meet the qualities and requirements of the particular position, the candidates will be contacted directly.

Performance Management

Odeabank’s Performance Management was formulated as a function of an approach that promotes the self-improvement and continual high performance of the employee through a management style that embraces teamwork, feedback and coaching.

Employee performance is appraised twice a year for the consistency of employee improvement.

These performance appraisals are aimed towards enhancing the overall corporate performance by means of encouraging employees to demonstrate self-improvement, provide pertinent support (e.g. training, hands-on experience on the job, etc.), encourage communication between executives and employees, and strengthen the culture of objectivity.