You don't have to wait anymore for your dream home to be yours.

To buy your own home or make a real estate investment, to move to a better house… Whatever you have in mind, our team of professionals is here to give you the solution that fits your needs best.

Our long-term, low amount installment options combined with affordable and flexible payment plans will meet your every expectation.

How to Apply?

If you wish to apply for a Housing Loan, visit our branch and bring along the following documents:

  • Proof of identity (Passport , ID Card or Driving License – TR citizenship number must be written on the card)
  • Utility bill for the last three months (natural gas, electricity, phone or water) in the applicant's name
  • Income Statement
    • Self-Employed Persons or Tradesmen:
      • Last year's Tax Registration, Balance Sheet and Income Statement/Business Account Statement
      • Trade Registry Gazette/Chamber Registry Document
    • Company Shareholders:
      • Last year's Tax Registration, Audited Balance Sheet and Income Statements/Business Account Statement of the last year
      • Trade Registry Gazette/Chamber Registry Document
    • Salaried Employees: Payroll or salary certificate and company's signature circulars
    • Retirees: Retirement salary document or letter including information on the bank account into which the retirement salary is being deposited
    • Declarers of Real Estate Income: Title deed and relevant lease contract
    • Movable Income Earners: Account book showing interest yield
  • Copy of the title deed of the house to be purchased


  • The branch will start the loan evaluation process once they receive your loan application
  • Our expert sales representatives will help you choose the payment plan that suits your budget best
  • Once your loan has been approved, kindly read carefully your Mortgage's contract details
  • According to the regulations, you can use the Mortgage to finance up to 80% of the total appraised value of your house
  • This loan is extended to adults above 18 who can submit a proof of income
  • The house object of the loan is used as collateral
  • The customer needs Home Insurance and Mandatory Earthquake Insurance (DASK).