Personal Loans

Personal Loans

General Purpose Loans

If you're looking for fast and simple borrowing options and need some cash, Odeabank has the ideal solution for you.

The Personal Loan offers you greater flexibility for financing any purchase or project: from wedding preparations to education expenses, and house decoration to vacation costs.

With the Personal Loan, you can pay for your newborn's expenses, home appliances and furniture or any other costs with the utmost convenience. You can settle any amount you borrow in affordable installments over a period of up to 36 months.

We are here for you

Can you afford school fees and education expenses? Are there any unexpected payments before your wedding? Odeabank stands by you at the important moments of your life.

Wedding preparations

Plan for the happiest day of your life with a Personal Loan and pay it back at your convenience with low interest rates over a period of up to 36 months.

Education expenses

It's about time you get the diploma you long for, learn the foreign language you have always wanted or even finance your children's school fees.

For all education levels, from elementary school to postgraduate studies, Odeabank offers you the right Personal Loan options.


Are you feeling tired and overwhelmed? Book your lifetime trip to the destination of your choice and cherish the moment with your loved ones. No need to worry about the travel costs for now.

Newborn expenses

Odeabank understands your family needs and helps you meet the expenses of welcoming a newborn to the world, with a beautifully designed room or a stylish clothing selection, you name it.

Whatever your personal needs may be, there's certainly a borrowing option for you.

How to Apply?

If you wish to apply for a Personal Loan, visit our branch and bring along the following documents:

  • Identity Document (ID Card with TR ID No, Driving License or Passport)
  • Utility bill for the last three months (natural gas, electricity, phone or water) in the applicant's name
  • Income Statement
    • Self-Employed Persons or Tradesmen:
      • Tax Registration, Balance Sheet and Income Statement/Business Account Statement of the last year
      • Trade Registry Gazette/Chamber Registry Document
    • Company Shareholders:
      • Tax Registration, Audited Balance Sheet and Income Statements/Business Account Statement of the last year,
      • Trade Registry Gazette/Chamber Registry Document
    • Salaried Employees: Payroll or salary certificate and company's signature circulars
    • Retirees: Retirement salary document or letter including information on the bank account into which the retirement salary is being deposited
    • Declarers of Real Estate Income: Title deed and relevant lease contract
    • Movable Income Earners: Account book showing interest yield
  • Additional documents may be requested depending on loan types.


  • The customer should be at least 18 years old and submit a proof of income.