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Oksijen Account Frequently Asked Questions

What is Oksijen Account?

How do I earn interest with Oksijen Account?

Where can I apply for Oksijen Account?

Can I use Oksijen Account immediately after it is defined?

Can I start earning interest immediately after Oksijen Account is defined?

How can I check if Oksijen Account is defined?

Can Oksijen Account be opened for foreign currency accounts?

How many Oksijen Account accounts can I open?

What transactions can I perform with Oksijen Account?

Can I have an Overdraft Account linked to my Oksijen Account?

Is there any minimum limit for Oksijen Account?

Do I need to keep the minimum amount in my account every day for Oksijen Account to be active?

Is there an upper limit to benefit from Oksijen Account interest rates?

Is there a specific time for Oksijen Account applications and cancellations?

Can I withdraw money anytime and any amount from Oksijen Account?

Can I deposit as much money as I want into Oksijen Account?

Are there any fees for Oksijen Account?

How can I cancel Oksijen Account?

Is there a possibility of any changes in the specified interest rates?

What are the interest rates for Oksijen Account?