Cell Phone Insurance​

Mobile Phone Insurance is a type of insurance that secures your device against accidental damage, malfunctions, or theft resulting from sudden and unexpected incidents.

General Information

What Does Mobile Phone Insurance Cover?

  • Damage due to an accident
  • Screen breakage
  • Malfunction due to high voltage
  • Theft
  • Liquid contact
  • Improper accessory usage

In addition to the mentioned coverage, it offers an assistance service providing a special professional solution hotline in case of damages.

If your device is completely damaged and needs replacement, it will be replaced with an equivalent device (new or refurbished) that does not exceed the total insurance value and the second-hand market value of the device.

What to Consider When Purchasing Insurance?

When obtaining mobile phone insurance, it's crucial to ensure what risks the insurance covers, the quantity and amount limits determined for damage repairs, the device's intact condition, and that there are no prior damages like cracks, impacts, or liquid contact before the insurance. Pre-existing damages will be considered as exclusions during the policy issuance.

Activation confirmation via SMS is required after policy issuance. Providing accurate contact information is important for the process. Besides the customer's contact information, the IMEI number of the insured device is needed for policy issuance. You can find your device's IMEI number by dialing *#06# in the phone's dialing section.

How Long is the Insurance Valid?

The validity period of mobile phone insurance is one year. In the case of two repairs or one complete loss, the policy will be canceled even if there is remaining time on the policy.

How to Apply for Insurance?

For detailed information and application, you can visit Odeabank branches.

Cell Phone Insurance is provided by AXA Sigorta A.Ş.
Odea Bank A.Ş. is an agent of this company.