Critical Ilness Insurance​

Critical Illness Individual Accident Insurance provides financial security in the event of death and permanent disability due to an accident, along with coverage for 13 different health issues such as heart attacks, strokes, and cancer, for you and your loved ones.

General Information


Within the insurance coverage, you can benefit from the Second Opinion and Comprehensive Assistance packages either for free or at a discounted rate.

Second Opinion: Provides the opportunity to obtain a medical second opinion from healthcare institutions specializing in the field, both in Turkey and/or the United States, to determine the best diagnosis and treatment method for your medical file.

Comprehensive Assistance: Offers medical consultancy, hospital transfer, medication transfer; home-related services such as information hotline, plumbing, locksmith, doctor visits in emergencies, sending nurses for care; organization services including city guides, reservations, and the Business Line service for your organizational needs; overseas services like pre-travel assistance, document loss, bail/emergency advance payment, and more.

What are the advantages of the insurance?

You can use the entire premiums paid, up to 15% of your annual declared income, and the total amount of the annual gross minimum wage for tax deductions.

Who can benefit from the insurance?

All individuals aged between 18 and 59 can benefit from this insurance. Policies can be renewed up to the age of 64.

How to apply for insurance?

For detailed information and applications, you can visit Odeabank branches.

Critical Illness and Personal Accident Insurance is provided by MetLife Retirement and Life Inc.
Odea Bank Inc. is an agent of these companies.