Happy To Have You​

While you embrace life with your loved ones, Odeabank stands by you and your family at every moment, including life's unexpected surprises!

General Information


Happy To Have You Insurance secures your life and that of your loved ones against unexpected risks, including cancer, offering services that make your today easier. In addition to coverage for death, disability, and cancer, it provides financial security against over thirty emergency situations such as traffic accidents, heart attacks, and sudden strokes with surgical interventions and medical treatment services.

Moreover, under this insurance coverage, you can benefit from Four-Corner Assistance, which includes medical aid, housing support, reservation organization, and travel assistance either for free or at discounted rates.

What Does Happy To Have You Insurance Cover?

  • Death
  • Disability Due to Accident or Illness
  • Cancer

Emergency Coverage: Throughout the insurance period, in case of the following situations, your emergency surgical and internal hospitalization expenses, as well as your hospital room-meals and intensive care unit expenses, are covered under your insurance:

Acute abdominal syndrome, acute massive bleeding, sudden stroke, acute respiratory problems, anaphylaxis, limb amputation, burns, heatstroke, diabetic coma, high urea coma, frostbite, freezing, electric shock, life-threatening injury, heart attack, severe hypertension crisis, meningitis, encephalitis, brain abscess, lower extremity fractures, lower extremity dislocations, renal colic, drowning, traffic accidents, high fever (over 39°C), falling from a height, severe poisoning, life-threatening work accident, serious eye injuries, conditions causing loss of consciousness, foreign body in the respiratory tract, suspected foreign body in the digestive tract, onset of labor, malignant/potentially fatal eclampsia, organ perforations.

What are the advantages of the insurance?

You can utilize the entire amount of premiums paid for tax deductions, up to 15% of your declared annual income, and not exceeding the total amount of the annual gross minimum wage.

Who can benefit from the insurance?

Healthy individuals between the ages of 18-59 can benefit from this life insurance. Furthermore, you receive a 10% discount on your premium starting from the 3rd year of your policy!

How to Apply for Insurance?

For detailed information and to apply, visit Odeabank branches.

Happy to Have You Insurance is provided by MetLife Retirement and Life Inc. Odea Bank Inc. is an agent of these companies.