My Guardian Angel Life Insurance​

My Guardian Angel Education Insurance ensures your child's continued education even in the face of life's challenges, offering the Education Support Assistance Package. This package provides services such as career coaching, psychological and medical counseling at no cost or with discounts.

Additionally, with this insurance, while securing your child's education, you can also support a child's one-year education at the Turkish Educational Volunteers Foundation in your name.

General Information

What Does My Guardian Angel Life Insurance Cover?

  • Death
  • Total Disability Due to Accident or Illness

Alongside these, you can simplify your life with comprehensive assistance services.

Education Support Assistance Package: Services you may need from infancy to adolescence to guide your child in every stage of life include:

  • Career Coaching
  • Psychological Counseling
  • Isotonic
  • Child Health Counseling
  • Medical Information and Consultation

* Services offered within the coverage are free up to a certain limit, and while the organization of some services is undertaken, the fees are to be borne by the insured.

What are the advantages of the insurance?

You can utilize the entire amount of premiums paid for tax deductions, up to 15% of your declared annual income, and not exceeding the total amount of the annual gross minimum wage.

How Long is the Insurance Period?

You can secure your child's education in packages of four years or determine the policy duration up to 16 years based on the educational period and annual school expenses.

Who can benefit from the insurance?

Individuals aged between 18-62 can benefit from My Guardian Angel Education Insurance.

How to Apply for Insurance?

For detailed information and to apply, visit Odeabank branches.

My Guardian Angel Life Insurance is provided by MetLife Retirement and Life Inc. Odea Bank Inc. is an agent of these companies.