Health is Fine Insurance​

Through Odeabank, you can easily obtain Health is Fine allowing you to receive healthcare services from private healthcare institutions contracted with the Social Security Institution (SGK) without paying additional fees. With this insurance from Axa Sigorta, you can benefit from a wide network of healthcare providers within the SGK agreement, without paying any extra fees for treatment.

General Information

What Does Health is Fine Insurance Cover?

  • Inpatient treatment benefits*
  • Outpatient treatment benefits**

*In accordance with the specific and general terms, inpatient treatments are covered without limits and at 100%.

**Outpatient treatments are covered up to 10 cases per year at a rate of 100%. Outpatient treatment includes doctor consultations, laboratory services, imaging and diagnostic procedures, advanced diagnostic methods, and physical therapy benefits. Note that expenses for outpatient treatments apart from doctor consultations cannot be used alone; they must be used in conjunction with a doctor's visit. As required by SGK law, the additional fee for doctor consultations in private hospitals cannot be covered by this product. The current fee is 15 TL, subject to change by the SGK.

Turkish citizens aged between 0-65 years old, covered by SGK, can benefit from the insurance,

How to Apply for Insurance?

For detailed information and application, you can visit Odeabank branches.

Health Complete Insurance policies are offered by AXA Sigorta A.Ş.
Odea Bank Inc. is an agent of AXA Sigorta Inc.​​​​​​