My Payments Safe Insurance​

Your payments are secure with Odeabank against life's unexpected risks! 

General Information


My Payments Safe Personal Accident Insurance ensures the protection of regular bills and payments through coverage for involuntary unemployment for salaried employees and critical illnesses for non-salaried individuals*. With My Payments Safe Personal Accident Insurance, you ensure financial security against the risks of death and permanent disability due to accidents. In cases of involuntary unemployment, regular bill payments such as phone, electricity, natural gas, water, internet, television (satellite, cable, digital broadcasting platform), rent, and condominium fees are secured within the coverage specified in your policy. Moreover, within the scope of My Payments Safe Personal Accident Insurance, you can benefit from services like Four-Corner Assistance**, which includes medical assistance, housing support, reservation-organization, and travel assistance.

*Critical Illnesses: Cancer, stroke, major organ/bone marrow transplant, bypass surgery, heart attack, paralysis, kidney failure. 
**Four-Corner Plus Assistance, which includes air conditioning and boiler maintenance, and carpet washing, is valid for policies purchased after March 9, 2020.

Öde What Does My Payments Safe Insurance Cover?

  • Death Due to an Accident
  • Permanent Disability Due to an Accident
  • Involuntary Unemployment/Critical Illnesses***

*** Depending on employment status, one of the two coverages is applicable. Those not covered under the involuntary unemployment coverage due to employment status can benefit from the critical illnesses coverage.

What are the advantages of the insurance?

You can utilize the entire amount of premiums paid for tax deductions, up to 15% of your declared annual income, and not exceeding the total amount of the annual gross minimum wage.

Who can benefit from the insurance?

Healthy individuals between the ages of 18-64 can benefit from this insurance. 

How to Apply for Insurance?

You can visit Odeabank branches for detailed information and to apply.

My Payments Safe Insurance is provided by MetLife Retirement and Life Inc.
Odea Bank Inc. is an agent of these companies.