Traffic Insurance​

You can ensure damages that may occur to the opposite party as a result of a traffic accident and easily obtain your mandatory traffic insurance policy through Odeabank.

General Information


Traffic Insurance is a mandatory type of insurance regulated by the provisions of the Highway Traffic Law numbered 2918, required for every vehicle in traffic. It covers only damages caused to third parties, meaning it does not cover damages to your own vehicle. To protect your own vehicle, you should also obtain Automobile Insurance.

The coverage your insurance will include:

  • Material Damages
  • Medical Expenses
  • Permanent Disability
  • Death

What are the Differences Between Mandatory Traffic Insurance and Automobile Insurance?

The fundamental difference between automobile insurance and traffic insurance is that automobile insurance is optional, whereas traffic insurance is mandatory. Within the scope of mandatory traffic insurance, damages to the opposite party, both material and bodily, are covered within defined limits. With a automobile insurance policy, coverage is also provided for damages to your own vehicle.

No-Claim Discount for Traffic Insurance

Discounts or surcharges based on the no-claim or damage ladder system are applied on policies due to a claim-free record or due to incurred damages.

Documents Required for Obtaining Traffic Insurance

The information needed to obtain a traffic insurance quote and policy is included in your identification and vehicle registration documents. Therefore, having your vehicle registration with you is sufficient when purchasing traffic insurance.

Advantages of Traffic Insurance

As we act as agents for various insurance companies, the additional coverage and assistance services may vary depending on the policy and insurance company you choose. For more detailed information, you can visit our nearest branch.

How to Obtain Mandatory Traffic Insurance?

You can visit Odeabank branches to get detailed information and to arrange your insurance.

Traffic Insurance is provided by AXA Sigorta A.Ş. and HDI Sigorta A.Ş.
Odea Bank A.Ş. is an agent of AXA Sigorta A.Ş. and HDI Sigorta A.Ş.​​​​​ ​​