You don't have to wait anymore for your dream home to be yours.

To buy your own home or make a real estate investment, to move to a better house… Whatever you have in mind, our team of professionals is here to give you the solution that fits your needs best.

Our long-term, low amount installment options combined with affordable and flexible payment plans will meet your every expectation.

Your dream home is now within reach. You can get the Mortgage details you need together with attractive offers.

Odea Mortgage

Odeabank's basic Mortgage with a maturity of up to 120 months.

Discounted Mortgage

If you would like to reduce the interest and installment amounts you pay by settling additional commissions with a lump sum at the start of the loan period, the Discounted Mortgage is a solution that is more likely to suit you.

"Set up Your Own Payment Plan" Mortgage

You can set up your Mortgage payment plan in conformity with your budget and decide on the installment amount and period that suit you best.

Accelerating Mortgage

If you want to kick-start your Mortgage with low installments, this product is perfect for you. And if your income is expected to grow or other current debts to be covered earlier than thought, you can apply for an Accelerating Mortgage Plan and simply own a home by settling installments as if you were paying rent.

Transfer Mortgage

Is the interest applied to your Mortgage higher than the current market rate? You can transfer your loan to Odeabank and get attractive interest rates and comfortable payment options.

Commission-free Mortgage

You can get the house of your dreams without paying any disbursement commissions.

Interim Payments Mortgage

If you would like to make additional payments throughout the loan period, the Interim Payment Mortgage is the right product for you. It is best suited to employees who get bonuses or self-employed individuals who experience an increase in their income at certain periods of time. You can fully reimburse your principal before the end of the loan period with equal installments and pay less interest.

Start to Pay Later Mortgage

Step into your dream home today and start paying later. Odeabank offers you the opportunity to postpone installments up to 3 months.

Mortgage for Non-Residents

Customers who live abroad and want to purchase property in Turkey can benefit from Odeabank's Mortgage products.

Mortgage for Non-Residents can be originated in Turkish Lira, or can be indexed to EUR or to USD.

The loan amount can reach up to 50% of the property's appraised value.

Click here to find out which documents are required to apply for the Mortgage for Non-Residents.

100% Mortgage

You can get a loan for the entire cost of housing you want to buy. According to Turkish legal regulations, the housing loans can be granted up to 80% of the appraisal value of the house. For the remaining 20%, you can also get a loan with a second mortgage. The second mortgage has to be put on another residential property that belongs to you and that has a sufficient appraisal value.

All Inclusive Mortgage

You can include the mortgage fee, appraisal and insurance costs in your loan so that you can comfortably buy your house without the need of additional cash. Costs are included in your payment plan.

What is Mortgage?

According to the "Law Amending the Laws Related to the Housing Finance System" dated February 21, 2007 and numbered 5582, the following falls under the Mortgage category:

  • Loans extended to consumers for the purpose of purchasing a house,
  • Consumer loans granted with a Mortgage of the home owned,
  • Housing loans extended during the construction of the home,
  • Renting of the home to consumers by means of leasing,
  • Refinancing of the current loans.

Commercial and business premises do not fall within the scope of the Housing Finance Law.

Why are the loans within the Housing Finance Law's scope more attractive than other consumer loans?

It is due to the fact that they are exempt from the Banking and Insurance Transaction Tax (BSMV). Since BSMV is a tax charged on the loans' interest at a rate of 5%, the interest on the loans falling within the scope of the Housing Finance Law is therefore 5% lower.

When is the early settlement commission charged?

In the fixed-interest housing finance loan, a 2% early settlement commission is charged on the early-paid principal. If you decide to fully reimburse your loan's remaining balance before maturity, the early settlement commission will rise over the remaining principal.

The early settlement fee does not apply to housing finance loans with variable interest rates.

How is the variable interest rate option applied?

According to the "Communiqué on the Applicable Reference Interest Rates and Indexes in the Housing Finance Agreement with Variable Interest Rates" published in the Official Gazette No. 26513 and dated May 5, 2007, the Consumer Price Index (CPI) announced by the Turkish Statistical Institute is the applicable reference index for the housing finance agreements with variable interest rates. While drawing up the housing finance agreements with variable interest rates or adjusting the interest rates in the periods indicated in the agreement, the annual CPI percentage change announced before two months by the Turkish Statistical Institute is used as a basis.

These price indexes are published on the Turkish Central Bank's website.

What are the interest rate options?

The interest rate type of the loans within the scope of the housing finance can be:
3.Combined (fixed and variable).

The determined interest in the loans executed under the fixed interest rate system cannot be amended without the mutual agreement of the customer and the housing finance institution. As for the loans with variable interest rates, the interest will be floating, as indexed to the CPI, at regular intervals (i.e. once in 3 or 6 months) as determined in the agreement. As a result of the interest rate changes, the loan installments may increase or decrease.

What does "Refinancing" mean?

According to the "Regulation on the Principles and Procedures Related to the Refinancing of Loans within the scope of the Housing Finance" published in the Turkish Official Gazette No. 26658 and dated September 29, 2007, refinancing includes:

  • A change in the loan's interest rates,
  • A change in the maturity of the loan,
  • A change in the interest type indicated in the house financing agreement,
  • Combining under a single mortgage, if more than one Mortgage is taken, by showing the same house as collateral,
  • A change in the housing finance institution,
  • Changes to be made with the agreement of both the housing finance institution and the consumer due to changes made in the currency indicated in the housing finance agreement.

What happens if the housing finance loan installments are not settled?

If the borrower fails to settle an installment, the housing finance institution will notify him by registered mail within 5 business days. In case of repay failure, the housing financial institution reserves the right to demand the settlement of the whole remaining debt. However, recalling the whole debt within the scope of the housing finance loan is only possible when at least two successive installments have not been settled.

How to Apply?

If you wish to apply for a Housing Loan, visit our branch and bring along the following documents:

  • Proof of identity (Passport , ID Card or Driving License – TR citizenship number must be written on the card)
  • Utility bill for the last three months (natural gas, electricity, phone or water) in the applicant's name
  • Income Statement
    • Self-Employed Persons or Tradesmen:
      • Last year's Tax Registration, Balance Sheet and Income Statement/Business Account Statement
      • Trade Registry Gazette/Chamber Registry Document
    • Company Shareholders:
      • Last year's Tax Registration, Audited Balance Sheet and Income Statements/Business Account Statement of the last year
      • Trade Registry Gazette/Chamber Registry Document
    • Salaried Employees: Payroll or salary certificate and company's signature circulars
    • Retirees: Retirement salary document or letter including information on the bank account into which the retirement salary is being deposited
    • Declarers of Real Estate Income: Title deed and relevant lease contract
    • Movable Income Earners: Account book showing interest yield
  • Copy of the title deed of the house to be purchased


  • The branch will start the loan evaluation process once they receive your loan application
  • Our expert sales representatives will help you choose the payment plan that suits your budget best
  • Once your loan has been approved, kindly read carefully your Mortgage's contract details
  • According to the regulations, you can use the Mortgage to finance up to 80% of the total appraised value of your house
  • This loan is extended to adults above 18 who can submit a proof of income
  • The house object of the loan is used as collateral
  • The customer needs Home Insurance and Mandatory Earthquake Insurance (DASK).