Your Computer Security​

General Information


Internet Banking server licenses use “VeriSign® Extended Validation (EV) SSL” licenses having the feature of 128 bit SSL and enabling the separation of sites with fraud purposes from secured ones.

With the help of Extended Validation (EV) SSL License when you connect to our Internet Banking portal, you will see the details of the license on the address line ensuring it is a secured site. Please make sure that you see "Odeabank A.S." here.

We recommend you use the updated versions of the internet browsers like Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Opera for your security.

You need three different programs to protect your computer: an antivirus software, a spy program scanner and a firewall. While some programs can only provide all these features, some programs can offer only one of them.

Please connect to Odeabank Internet Banking by typing manually in the address line of your browser.​