Odeabank and Art: O’Art

Odeabank’s art platform, O’Art, was founded in 2015 based on the idea that art should be accessible and visible to everyone. O’Art presents all disciplines of today’s art to the society in different venues, together with the criticism of the current problems of the socio-cultural structure.

The artist-work-space-audience relationship established in physical exhibition through O’Art was transferred to digital platforms in 2021 due to the impact of COVID-19. In the exhibitions held in this way, support for new art production continues without restricting form, shape, content and approach.

Since its establishment, the sphere of influence of art has been expanded through 22 exhibitions held on the O’Art platform. Young people who criticize, think, are interested in and create art were brought together through art competitions. Moreover, the works of artists from all over the world engaged in contemporary art, digital art, installation, drawing, photography and many different disciplines were opened to visitors. In this way, with the cooperation of many galleries and art venues, contributions were made to the visibility of artists and art. O’art exhibitions are also available online since 2020. Virtual exhibitions can be experienced by lovers of art on the Odeabank website. Additionally, in 2016 and 2017, O’Art brought together young artists who see, feel, criticize and create with the O’Art Art Competition and exhibited the award-winning works.

Community Dialogue: O’Blog and O’Mag

It is very valuable for Odeabank in terms of the continuity of its activities to follow the trends in culture, art, business world, finance and economy, sustainability and technology, and thus keep up with the rapidly transforming world. With this awareness, Odeabank not only closely monitors developments in culture, art and life, but also shares the trends with its employees and the entire society through seasonal magazines. O’Magazin magazine, published since 2015 and covering rapidly changing trends and interesting topics such as fashion, culture, travel, art, architecture, gastronomy and new technologies, was rebranded as O’Mag in 2019 with the changing corporate identity of Odeabank.

Leading the Turkish banking sector with its dynamism and innovation, Odeabank develops solid dialogue with the society and its employees through O’Mag. O’Mag plays a motivating and interaction-enhancing role for Odeabank employees and customers with its interesting content, travel suggestions and new experience opportunities. Also providing news on Odeabank, O’Mag offers the opportunity to share important developments for the Bank with the entire society in a transparent manner.

Prepared quarterly and seasonally, O’Mag magazine currently has 24 issues. O’Mag publications, which are shared free of charge, are also distributed at Odeabank branches together with the TimeOut magazine.

Odeabank, which goes beyond O’Mag in its relations with the society, aims to raise awareness and inform the public on sustainability and social issues with O’Blog, a blog where articles are shared on various topics. O’Blog offers content on a variety of topics, including technology, sustainability, saving methods, culture and arts, gender equality, investment and much more. Thanks to this content, which is published as digital articles, the ever-changing trends can be kept up with and the expectations of the stakeholders can be understood more clearly.​