Sustainability Principles​

General Information

The sustainability principles determined are:

  • Within the scope of combating climate change, risks and opportunities arising from climate change will be identified and integrated into business processes.
  • Social and environmental impacts of Odeabank activities will be taken into account.
  • Odeabank will align its lending activities with the objectives set by international agreements, principles and codes promoted by the United Nations, and international best practices.
  • Odeabank will take action to minimize greenhouse gas emissions from all its activities.
  • Odeabank will obtain the energy required for its own operations from renewable energy as much as possible and reduce its emissions.
  • Odeabank will support sustainable behavior, actions and the transition of its customers to sustainable business models.
  • Odeabank will meet the changing needs and expectations of its customers by making use of the latest technological developments.
  • Odeabank aims to make sustainability a part of its daily operational activities.
  • Odeabank will take the necessary measures against all acts of bribery and corruption and punish such acts.
  • Odeabank will support a decent working environment, taking into account the satisfaction of all employees.
  • Odeabank aims to provide equal opportunity and inclusiveness.
  • Odeabank will contribute to efforts to increase the contribution of financial markets to achieve sustainable development goals.
  • Odeabank will carry out its sustainability activities by observing the principles of transparency and accountability.
  • Odeabank will engage in training and competency development activities aimed at improving the society in which it operates.
  • Odeabank will focus on maintaining the trust and belief of its stakeholders, taking into account its own vision and mission and those of the group it belongs to.