Patriot Act, Wolfsberg Questionnaire, FATCA

Patriot Act


Wolfsberg Questionnaire



We hereby would like to state that Odea Bank A.S. has been registered to the IRS as “Reporting Model 1 FFI under Model 1 IGA with Global Intermediary Identification Number (GIIN) of 6F3FZT.00009.ME.792.

FATCA Responsible Officer: Önder Yılmaz



Point of Contact: Handan Tokdoğan


This document about FATCA and CRS regulations, prepared for our customers, is intended for informative purposes only, and will be updated based on the regulations, announcements and guides that have been issued and will be issued by the authorized bodies (Turkish Ministry of Finance Revenue Administration, US Internal Revenue Service, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development). As Odea Bank A.S., we are unable to carry out a detailed assessment about our customers' tax obligations in other countries different than Turkey and possible tax sanctions that they may face, to guide our customers and to give tax consultancy to them. Therefore, we recommend you to contact a professional tax consultant for more detailed information and tax advice. For detail information regarding FATCA can be found on the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) website, for detailed information about CRS please visit the OECD’s websites