Becoming a Member of the Odeabank Family

Becoming a Member of the Odeabank Family

​In today’s competitive business life, a sustainable career development is crucial. In line with the Group’s strategy and business needs, Odeabank offers its employees a variety of career advancement opportunities through internal recruitment, appointments, promotions, re-assignments and international postings.

Career management and careful planning are handled in light of individual skills and proficiencies while cultivating employees’ self-improvement, unleashing their potential with tailor-made schemes and boosting their career paths.

An effective skill management strategy translates into a flourishing career. As such, team members playing an active role in Odeabank’s success are groomed for the future.

Training Opportunities

Given that human capital is the Bank’s main asset, Odeabank conducts constant activities to train its teams and sustain employee development.

New recruits follow an orientation program and get acquainted with the Bank’s culture and shared values.

The training programs integrate modern applications to nurture employee development throughout the Bank’s branches and units and meet the needs of diversified roles and teams.

Employees are invited to take part in the training activities relevant to their job responsibilities and tailored to enhance their performance with a focus on behavior, communication skills and technical capabilities.

Salaries and Benefits Policy

Odeabank’s Salaries and Benefits Policy is based on the banking sector’s fair practices with a transparent internal reward strategy.

Designed to encourage high performance and reward achievements, the Salaries and Benefits Policy is periodically evaluated, taking into account the arising needs, market dynamics and internal corporate fair practices.​