Wealth Management Airport & Travel Services

Wealth Management Airport & Travel Services

In Odeabank, the privileges we offer are not restricted with banking transactions, we also provide travel assistance.

  • Private transfer services within Turkey
  • Car rental discounts within and outside Turkey

Besides, you can enjoy many additional privileges from hotel reservations to travel consultancy.

Wealth Management Airport & Travel Services Line +90 212 386 84 44
Do not travel without calling this line!

Airport Services

Private Transfer Service

In İstanbul, Ankara, İzmir, Bodrum, Antalya and Çeşme, you can let us organize your transfer between a specified address and airport via Odeabank with luxurious vehicles.

Car Rental Discounts

In Turkey and abroad, you can benefit from discounted car rental services at the service providers inside our network, with a discount rate between 15-25%.

Other Travel Services

  • Ticket / Hotel Reservation Organization
  • Flight Tickets without Service Charges
  • Travel Consultancy Service
  • Discounted Private Transfers
  • Visa Application Organization without Service Charges
  • Overseas Travel Health Insurance

Odeabank Airport Services and Other Travel Services are offered to certain customers who have met certain criteria. You are welcome to contact our Customer Representative or Wealth Management Airport & Travel Services Line for detailed information and for terms of use.​​​