Odeabank Pass’O

Odeabank Pass’O

Odeabank Pass'O is a security application, generates one-time password that can be used instead of the SMS PIN.

Odeabank Pass'O feature can be found on Odeabank application in the iOS and Android-based devices.

You can activate Odeabank Pass’O by entering your cell phone number, Internet Banking user-name & password.

After activation, you will have to use your Odeabank Pass’O generated PIN to log-in to Odeabank Internet Banking.

Activation can only be made in one device for the moment. If you need to activate on another device; please call 444 8 444 Odeabank Contact Center.

If you forget the 6-digit password you specify to open the Odeabank Pass'O, Odeabank Pass’O will be blocked internally after 5 incorrect inputs. You can open it again by re-activating in the same Odeabank Pass’O feature in the same application.