Memorable Opening Night of Odeabank

Memorable Opening Night of Odeabank​

Memorable Opening Night of Odeabank

Seal took the stage in the opening night of Odeabank, granted bank establishment license from scratch by BRSA for the first time in 15 years

The newest player of Turkish Banking sector, Odea Bank said “We are starting in Turkey!” in the reception held in Çırağan Palace on January 10, 2012, Thursday and hosted by Odeabank General Manager, Hüseyin Özkaya, and Bank Audi Group CEO, Samir Hanna.

In the opening night, to which the leading names of bureaucracy, business, art and society life were participated, the world-wide recognized name of the contemporary soul music, Seal, had the guests tasted of a memorable moments. Glorious stage shows of Pixel Poi and Escala Show put a fresh air to the night.

Odeabank commercial film, in which Hülya Avşar taken place, was shared simultaneously with the guests broadcasted on the same night. Expressing his thanks to Hülya Avşar related to the broadcasting of Odeabank advertisement campaign, Hüseyin Özkaya said: "We hereby thank to our esteemed artist, Ms. Hülya Avşar recognized and watched fondly by whole Turkey for her support that she has given us in this project. We are highly pleased for her kind participation to this night."

Stating that they started operations on October 2 with the first commercial banking license for the first time in 15 years in Turkish banking sector, the General Manager, Hüseyin Özkaya, added: "Although we are the newest bank of the sector, we achieved to overcome many challenges within a short period of time. We aimed to bring a different concept and established our whole structure onto that. We have opened our 6 branches from the scratch within the short periods as 2 months and increased our assets to TL 3,6 billion, our customer deposits to TL 2,5 billion and our loans to TL 1,7 billion. We are currently operating in Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir with our headcount of more than 400 employees."