Odeabank aims to be in the Giants League in 2017

Odeabank aims to be in the Giants League in 2017​

Odeabank aims to be in the Giants League in 2017

Being the first bank to receive a banking licence from Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency after 15 years and having 6 branches, 1500 customers and 3.6 billion TL net assets, Odeabank aims to be in the giants league of banking by the year 2017.

In the first press conference after the bank's establishment Odeabank Management answered the questions of the media, giving the “Start!” signal for 2013. Odeabank General Manager Hüseyin Özkaya, Bank Audi Group CFO & Director of Strategy Freddie C. Baz and the CEO of the Bank Audi Group Samir Hanna explained their short and mid-term targets at the press conference organized at Çırağan Palace. General Manager Hüseyin Özkaya said: “We are proud to end the year exceeding our 2012 targets we set on the day we received our banking licence. After applying for a licence on June 20, we went through a challenging period where all eyes were on us. We have begun our operations with the banking licence we received on October 2. Today, we continue with sure steps on the road we paved by attaining a first in the Turkish Banking Sector after many years. We have completed the first phase with success, achieving all our targets. In 2013, we aim to grow both in domestic and international markets, in line with Turkey's important position in the world. 2013 will be a year where we increase awareness for our brand in the domestic market and underline our reliability. We currently have 6 branches in İstanbul, İzmir and Ankara, our target is to reach 32 branches and 1000 employees in 2013. Both our investor Bank Audi Group and our management team will work with great enthusiasm to reach our targets, focusing all our energy towards our success. Our aim is to be in the giants league by 2017.”

Hüseyin Özkaya also pointed out the importance of having an investor who puts great value on their investment in reaching their targets, saying: “The investment structure, the strength of the investor, the team and human capital play an important role in the success of a bank. Our main advantage as Odeabank is the strength and support of our investor as well as our team of young, dynamic, ambitious and success-oriented individuals.”

Özkaya stated that as a team they always think out of the box, searching for ways to achieve the best, equipping their branches with the latest technology for maximum customer satisfaction. He added that they focus on providing fast and efficient service in all banking segments with an approach that makes each customer feel unique.

In the meeting, Özkaya shared the Odeabank commercial campaign film that showcases their vision and aims to create brand awareness, saying: “We wanted to demonstrate the service our customers will receive when they come to our branches and the benefits we provide our customers. Our branches were established with the technology and human resources to provide the best service possible. We have 400 employees as of the end of 2012. Our team is growing every single day. We try to enhance our team with experienced experts from the sector. We have thought through the customer journey beginning from the first step into our branches, to every single detail and installed the technical equipment and service space necessary to make this journey perfect. We are very happy that our investments are yielding great results in such a short period of time.”

Turkey Is The Correct Place For Investment and Will Be One Of The Locomotive Countries Supporting Bank Audi Group's Growth

Bank Audi Group's CEO Samir Hanna stated that the group has operations in 11 countries including Egypt, Sudan, Jordan, France and Switzerland, reviewing the results Odeabank achieved in two months, saying: “It was a correct decision to invest in Turkey rather than a European country within our growth strategy. The results of Odeabank's two month operation support this claim. When we look at the last 10 years, Turkey has been exemplary in terms of its growth rate and stability. Regulations in the banking industry which proved effective in the latest economic crisis, have set a model to the world. It was a correct decision for Bank Audi Group to invest in Turkey, set out to be an economic and financial center of the world.

Turkey will be a locomotive country fueling the growth of the Bank Audi Group. We aim to grow in the domestic market, while contributing to the development of business between Turkey and the Middle East with the opportunities we offer.”