Odeabank, brings back the time spent in mobile banking

Odeabank, brings back the time spent in mobile banking​

Odeabank, brings back the time spent in mobile banking

Odeabank, the young and innovative bank of Turkey, marks a new era in mobile banking. Aiming to minimize the time spent for transactions in the mobile application, the bank compensates for the time spent for these transactions.

Odeabank, making a difference with its innovative banking approach, started a new campaign in mobile banking named 'Odea Time'. Manifesting their aim to minimize the time spent for banking transactions with the slogan “We want to disappear.” in a striking way, Odeabank reduced the time spent for transactions in mobile banking to mere seconds. In the Odeabank mobile application where credit card debt queries take 5 seconds and credit card applications take 9 seconds, users can take back the time they spend on banking transactions. With one long and 3 short commercial films, Odea Time campaign is announced with the 'live time to the fullest' motto, also enabling the users to collect time just like collecting airline miles.

Bringing a new perspective to the banking experience, Odeabank gives back the time collected by the users with an unforgettable holiday. Retail customers who log in to the Odeabank mobile application with their user names and passcodes within the month of August receive one entry to the sweepstakes on each day they log in and with each financial transaction they make. Upon the sweepstakes carried out by Milli Piyango İdaresi (Turkish National Lottery) the winners will receive an 8 night trip to Phuket for two between December 2-10, 2017 and a 5 night trip to Bali between December 11-17, 2017. Thus the users will be able to spend the time they receive back from the banking transactions they make by going on a holiday of their dreams.

You can watch the long version of the Odea Time commercial film on the following link: