Odeabank is ‘The Bank of the Year’

Odeabank is ‘The Bank of the Year’​

Odeabank is ‘The Bank of the Year’

Odeabank, the young and innovative player of the Turkish banking sector, has been selected as “The Company of the Year” by the notable Stevie Awards. Odeabank, receiving 10 awards in total with its various products and services, is the only bank from Turkey to receive this many awards.

Odeabank, the young and innovative playe​r of the Turkish banking sector, has been selected “Company of the Year” in 2015 in the banking sector, receiving a total of 10 awards with its various products and services at the renowned business awards “Stevie Awards”. Odeabank, continuing to receive international acclaim thanks to its rapid growth, personalized banking services and succesful management model was the bank that received the highest number of awards in Stevie Awards 2015 from Turkey by gathering 1 gold, 5 silver and 4 bronze awards.

Odeabank General Manager Hüseyin Özkaya reviewing the results of The 12. Stevie Awards where the best companies of the world compete, saying that it's a source of pride to be appreciated in the international arena as a young bank of almost three years. He added: “We have established the bank of the future by integrating all the innovations of the information age we are living in to the banking sector. Our performance since our establishment and the prestigious awards we won are the proof and confirmation of our progress with solid and sure steps.”

Entering the Turkish banking sector in 2012 and raising its assets to 29 billion TL, total credits to 20 billion TL and its deposits to 23.5 billion TL by June 2015, Odeabank has received the gold award in the banking sector at The 12th Stevie Awards, being selected “ Company of the Year in Europe”. Odeabank also received the silver awards in “Fastest-Growing Company in Europe” and “Most Innovative Company in Europe” confirming its successful progress and innovation.

The list of silver and bronze awards Odeabank received in addition to receiving the gold award as “The Company of the Year” in banking sector at the 12. Stevie Awards:

Odeabank's Silver Awards in 12. Stevie Awards

  • Odeabank A.Ş. / Most Innovative Company in Europe
  • Odeabank A.Ş. / Fastest-Growing Company in Europe
  • Odeabank Credit Cards Marketing Team / Best Marketing Team
  • Odeabank Integrated Mobile Experience / Best Integrated Mobile Experience
  • Odeabank Facebook Page / Best Facebook Page or Group

Odeabank's Bronze Awards at the 12. Stevie Awards

  • Odeabank Mobile Application -“Unique” Project / The Best New Product or Service of the Year – Financial Services
  • Odeabank Bank'O Card Web Page / Best Interface Design
  • Odeabank CTO Tayfun Küçük / IT Executive of the Year
  • Odeabank CTO Tayfun Küçük / Innovator of the Year