Odeabank's New Website Will Make Life Easier

Odeabank's New Website Will Make Life Easier​

Odeabank's New Website Will Make Life Easier

Turkey's young and innovative bank that draws attention with its investments in technology, Odeabank, renewed its website, enhancing it with features that will make its customers' lives easier.

Odeabank, continuing its investments in technology and human resources ceaselessly with the aim of simplifying banking services, renewed its website making it fully compatible with the mobile application. A “simple and interactive design” principle has been employed in the new website of the Bank.

Thanks to the new design, Odeabank customers will be able to carry out all their internet banking transactions on a single website rather than separate sites for mobile and desktop, whether they are using a smart phone, tablet or a laptop. The site, gaining a simpler and easier design, will be able to provide content and address information to its users according to their location in functions such as branch and ATM searches. Moreover, the users will be able to make interactive transactions using the map on the website.

Odeabank Assistant General Manager Responsible of Technology Tayfun Küçük, said: “Believing in the importance of technology and innovation, we have made it our priority to continuously invest in this area. We have gained a sound position in the sector by providing innovative products and services to our customers. We are striving to make life easier for our customers by utilizing all the advantages provided by technology. For this reason we will continue to make all the necessary investments in technology and innovation.”


In the new website of Odeabank, “Detailed Market Information” is also provided. By this means Odeabank customers will be able to follow the market data of the previous period through the graphics on the homepage and all current market data as well.

On the other hand, Odeabank’s new website employs a “social network access” feature that allows access to the new website through social media platforms. Thus the users will be able to enter the site easily through Facebook and Twitter. The personalized “discount codes” provided on Odeabank's mobile application will now be offered to the users that access the site through social networks as well.??