Our growing international success!

Our growing international success!​

Our growing international success!

Odeabank, the innovative player of the banking sector, continues to receive international acclaim with its personalized banking services and technological investments. Odeabank's installation of interactive tablet computers at counters in all its branches has received the 'Most Innovative Customer Service Award' at the Global Banking & Finance Review Awards 2014’.

Odeabank, the youngest and most innovative player in the Turkish banking sector, has made another international achievement in the Global Banking & Finance Review Awards 2014. Odeabank has received the “Most Innovative Customer Service” award with the interactive tablet computers installed at the counters for the use of customers, helping to create an unforeseen customer experience.

Odeabank, positioning its branches as “technology bases” and putting an end to conventional counters by developing the open counter concept, recently launched the “counter-front tablet computers” project, providing instant information flow and a unique banking experience to its customers. With this project, the customers visiting the Odeabank branches are made aware of ongoing campaigns through the Windows 8 operated tablet computers, while their transactions are being made. Odeabank customers can also follow the transaction made by the teller and view their statements on their screens. Customers who wish to receive their statement by email can send the statement directly to their registered emails using the tablet computer. Lastly, customers can rate the service they received, instantly providing feedback to Odeabank.

“We have set off with the aim of bringing the banking of the future to the present”

During the ceremony for the awards, where the giants of the banking world competed, Odeabank General Manager Hüseyin Özkaya evaluated the project and the award with these words:

“We have set off on this journey with the aim of bringing the future of banking to the present. We have brought a fresh breath to the sector with our bank which we built up from scratch, brick by brick, with the efforts and sacrifices of my dear workmates. Through our personalized banking services, we offer the services our customers need in the format they need, just like a tailor. As Odeabank, we have invested in technologies to offer a unique experience to our customers in our branches, as well as our Direct Banking channels. We are proud to be selected among large and well-established competitors in the international arena.”