The under-glass paintings of Mevlut Akyıldız are exhibited at O'Art

The under-glass paintings of Mevlut Akyıldız are exhibited at O'Art ​

The under-glass paintings of Mevlut Akyıldız are exhibited at O'Art

Istanbul's newest art center O'Art presents 'Yarım Elma, Gönül Alma' exhibition consisting of under-glass paintings of Mevlut Akyıldız. The exhibition will take place at O'Art on the top floor of the Etiler Odeabank branch.

O'Art, which opened its doors last month with a group exhibition of modern and contemporary Turkish art, is now hosting the under-glass paintings of Mevlut Akyıldız, a leading name in modern Turkish art known for the humor and irony in his works. The exhibition of the under-glass paintings by Akyıldız is entitled 'Yarım Elma, Gönül Alma'.

Mevlut Akyıldız, whose works both under glass and in other media reflect his ideas on life, shares with the viewers of the exhibition the facts of life, the conflicts of today's chaotic world and the contrast of frivolity and seriousness using his unique artistic interpretation. The artist transforms the realities of life into a fairy tale with his serious and ironic style.

Akyıldız, who combines the ancient tradition of under glass technique with contemporary themes, describes his works with these words: “The under glass painting, drawn and painted on the reverse side of glass and sometimes embellished with colorful, gilded paper, has traditional themes like 'Shahmaran', 'Imam Ali and Camel', 'Ship of Amentü'. Historically under glass paintings would be seen on the walls of shops, coffee houses and bridal trousseaus to bring luck to the brides. I use the same technique to depict very different stories.”

‘Yarım Elma, Gönül Alma’ exhibition can be seen at O'Art on the second floor of the Etiler Nispetiye Odeabank branch between April 15 and May 30.

On the Art of Mevlut Akyıldız:

Mevlut Akyıldız questions life with his sharp-eyed gaze and rich perception to reevaluate the primary material of the artist: the human being, thus creating his unique approach in the art world.

Not separating the past from the present, he presents his works in a broad time frame. Setting off from ordinary conflicts and chaos of life, he recounts the diverse charms in the passing of life, people's struggle to hang on to life despite its difficulties and the ordinariness of people behind their flamboyance and vanity in his original style and humorous painting idiom.

What makes Akyıldız unique is his perspective on life apparent in not just his under glass paintings but also in different media like sculpture and oil painting. His painting style, both ironic and allegoric, is plain and simple. In his paintings, the realities of life are transformed into a colorful fairy tale.​​​