Funded Deposit Account

Funded Deposit Account

Meet our Funded Deposit packages that offer investment opportunities under a single account for our customers who aim to diversify their portfolio by investing their savings in both mutual funds and term deposits!

What are the Advantages of Odeabank Funded Deposit Account?

  • You can diversify your portfolio by investing your savings in mutual funds and term deposit accounts in proportion to the share you determine in your Funded Deposit Account.
  • You can benefit from the returns of mutual funds while at the same time enjoying favorable interest rates on term deposits.
  • You can choose from the Mutual Funds offered according to your risk profile and expectations.

What are the Features of Odeabank Funded Deposit Account?

  • The minimum account opening amount for Funded Deposit packages is TRY 10,000.
  • The Funded Deposit account can be opened only in TRY in monthly and 3-month maturities.
  • The interest rate offered for term deposits under the Funded Deposit package may vary depending on the amount and maturity of the account.
  • The term account opened under the Funded Deposit package can be renewed on the maturity date and the amount invested in the mutual fund is blocked as long as the account remains open.
  • If the term deposit account opened within the scope of the Funded Deposit account is closed before maturity, no interest income can be earned. On the other hand, in the event that the term deposit opened within the scope of the package is closed before maturity, the block on the mutual fund is removed and fund redemption is possible in line with the customer's fund sale request.
  • Partial withdrawals/deposits cannot be made during the term of the Funded Deposit Account.
  • You can access the list of mutual funds covered by the Funded Deposit package and their expense management fees in the tables below.
  • The yields of mutual funds included in the Funded Deposit packages may vary depending on investment strategies and market conditions.
  • The investment strategies, prospectuses and investor information forms of the mutual funds included in the Funded Deposit packages, as well as the bylaws of the umbrella funds to which they are affiliated and the bylaws of the real estate investment funds are available on the home page of the relevant funds on the Public Disclosure Platform (

You can open a Funded Deposit Account through our Branches and Odeabank Internet Banking.


List of Funds Included in the Mutual Fund Promotion Campaign

Fund Founder Fund code Fund Name Risk Level
İş Portföy IOP İş Portföy Odeabank Para Piyasası (TL) Fonu 2
Yapı Kredi Portföy YPV Yapı Kredi Portföy Üçüncü Fon Sepeti Fonu 7
Ak Portföy ARM Ak Portföy İkinci Fon Sepeti Fonu 5
Tacirler Portföy TCD Tacirler Portföy Değişken Fon 7
Rota Portföy RPT Rota Portföy İkinci Serbest (TL) Fon 2