Withdrawable Account​

You can withdraw funds from your Time Deposit account without waiting for the maturity date with the Withdrawable Deposit Account. Moreover, the remaining principal continues to earn interest until the maturity date without disrupting the term.

General Information

What are the account features?

  • You can open accounts in TL, USD, EUR, GBP currencies.
  • Withdrawable Time Deposit can be opened for periods ranging from 30 days to 400 days.
  • If the Withdrawable Deposit is opened for more than one year, you can receive the accumulated interest calculated based on the cash withdrawal interest rate for the withdrawn amount.*
  • Withdrawals can be made from the eighth day after the account opening.
  • Cash withdrawals can be repeated as many times as desired until reaching the limit amount during the term.
  • You can open a Withdrawable Deposit Account at all Odeabank branches.

*You can only receive your accumulated interest for up to 50% of the balance and for a maximum of two withdrawal transactions

How to open a withdrawable account?

You can call 0212 270 84 44 for detailed information, apply to open an account online to become our customer, or visit all our branches.