Don't tire yourself by going to the branch for a time deposit account!

Open your time deposit account by logging into the Internet Banking or Odea application to evaluate your savings with the most suitable maturity options and start benefiting from advantageous interest rates. If you're an Odeabank customer, you can click here to register through Odeabank Internet/Mobile Banking and follow the steps under the "Register" tab. If you're not an Odeabank customer yet, you can apply for an account opening through the link, call 0212 270 84 44, or visit the nearest Odeabank branch.

General Information

Advantages of the time deposit opened through Odeabank Internet/Mobile Banking:

You can evaluate your savings starting from 1,000 TL/USD/EUR or GBP in monthly maturity or in shorter or longer maturities as you wish.

With the time deposit account opened through Odeabank Internet/Mobile Banking, you can choose the maturity renewal option at the end of the term as either "Principal" or "Principal + Interest". This way, at the maturity date, it can automatically renew at the current Internet/Mobile Banking interest rate*, without the need for any additional transaction or monitoring of your account. 

*You can view the current Internet/Mobile Banking interest rates by clicking here or by logging into Internet/Mobile Banking.

Account Opening

For detailed information, you can call 0212 270 84 44, become our customer by applying for an account opening via the internet, or visit all of our branches.