Future Savings Account​

If you want to make long-term investments with small savings, you can open a Future Savings Account by giving a regular payment instruction from your current account or your Odeabank credit card, and benefit from advantageous interest rates.

General Information

Features of the Future Savings Account:

  • You can open the Future Savings Account in TRY, USD, EUR, or GBP.
  • You can determine your payment periods as 1 month, 3 months, or 6 months.
  • By depositing an initial amount during the account opening, you can start earning interest immediately.
  • During payment periods, you can increase your savings and interest earnings by depositing additional balances to the predetermined payment amount.
  • The maturity period for all currency types is 3 years.
  • Your accumulated interest amount is transferred to your account annually starting from the account opening.
  • You can change your regular payment amount anytime during the term as long as it doesn't fall below the minimum payment amount.
  • If, on the payment day, your current account balance or credit card limit cannot cover the regular payment amount but can cover the minimum regular payment limit, a partial collection will be made for that payment period. Partial payments are not counted as regular payments.
  • If there is insufficient balance in the current account or no limit on the credit card on the payment day, the respective payment will be considered a "missed payment," and if three (3) consecutive payment periods are missed, the Future Savings Account will be closed with an early closure interest rate, and the balance will be transferred to the current account.

Where Can You Open the Future Savings Account?

You can call 0212 270 84 44 for detailed information, apply for an account opening online to become our customer, or visit any of our branches.