Interim Payment Deposit Account​

While investing your savings in a time deposit for at least one year, instead of waiting for the maturity date, you can earn regular interest income at three-month intervals. You can choose to withdraw your interest income or use it for your banking transactions.

General Information

Features of the Interim Payment Deposit Account:

  • The Interim Payment Deposit Account can only be opened in Turkish Lira.
  • With the Interim Payment Deposit Account, you can earn regular interest income at three-month intervals without waiting for the maturity date. The accrued net interest income for the respective period is automatically transferred to your demand deposit account on interim payment days and made available for your use.
  • Since the Interim Payment Deposit Account is opened for a duration exceeding one year, it offers a 10% tax deduction advantage.
  • The maturity period of the Interim Payment Deposit Account is one year, and no withdrawals or additions can be made to the principal during the term. If the account is closed before maturity, the demand deposit rate will be applied, and after deducting the interest paid to the customer in previous periods, the remaining amount will be reimbursed.
  • A customer can have multiple Interim Payment Deposit Accounts.
  • You can open an Interim Payment Deposit Account at any Odeabank branch.

Where Can You Open an Interim Payment Deposit Account?

For detailed information, you can call 0212 270 84 44, become our customer by applying for an account opening via the internet, or visit all of our branches.