Gold Account

Gold Account

With Odeabank Gold Account, you can utilize your savings via gold in grams while completing gold buying and selling transactions at favorable prices.

Advantages of Gold Account:

  • You can utilize your savings in a gold account without any risk of theft and loss.
  • You can complete gold (in grams) buying and selling transactions with TRY or foreign currencies. (Gold buying and selling transactions are made with a minimum amount of 1 gram.)
  • You can complete gold buying and selling transactions easily via Odeabank Branches, Odeabank Internet Branch, Mobile Branch and Odeabank Contact Center (444 8 444), and access your account information at any time.

Where Can I Open a Gold Account?

You can call 0212 270 84 44 for detailed information, become our cost-free and instant banking customer by making an online account opening application, or visit any Odeabank branch.

No interest is charged for your savings in Odeabank Gold Account, and TRY 150,000 is subject to Savings Deposit Insurance.

Deposit Insurance

For each real person, up to TRY 400,000 of the total amount (principal amount in Savings deposit accounts in Turkish Lira, foreign exchange and precious metals that are opened on behalf of real people in our domestic branches and are not subject to commercial transactions other than drawing checks, and the amount of their rediscount interest) is within the scope of insurance. Following deposits are not subject to insurance:

  • Deposit and other accounts of controlling shareholders of relevant credit institution and their mother, father, spouse and children in custody
  • Deposit and other accounts of president and members of board of management or directors as well as general manager and deputy general managers, and their mother, father, spouse and children in custody
  • Deposit and other accounts within the scope of assets resulting from the crime in article 282 of the Turkish Penal Code, dated 26/9/2004 and numbered 5237
  • Deposit available at credit institutions established exclusively to provide off-shore banking in Turkey
  • Deposit at foreign branches of deposit banks
  • Deposit available at credit institutions providing off-shore services within or outside Turkey
  • Usurious interests above the maximum interest rate announced to the public by the bank and notified to the Central Bank as well as the average interest rate of give deposit bank with the highest amount of deposit in total

Payments Due Per Insurance:

Payments due within the scope of insurance are made in Turkish Lira if official authorization of the deposit bank is revoked. The total amount of principal and rediscount interest for savings deposit accounts are taken into account while determining the amount to be paid as per insurance. Turkish Lira provisions for deposit accounts in foreign exchanges and gold are determined on the basis of Central Bank foreign exchange rates and Istanbul Gold Exchange session closing price (for accounts in gold) on the date when official authorization of deposit bank is revoked.