Withdrawable Account

Withdrawable Account

If you need, you can withdraw money via Withdrawable Deposit Account without waiting for the expiry of term for term deposit account. Besides, remaining principal amount continue to earn interest income until the expiry of term with termination of the term.

Features of Cash Withdrawable Account:

  • You can open it in TRY, USD, EUR, and GBP.
  • Cash Withdrawable Term Deposit can be opened for any term from 1 month to 400 days.
  • If the Cash Withdrawable Term Deposit is opened for a term longer than 1 year, you can also collect accrued interest calculated via cash withdrawal interest rate for the amount withdrawn.*
  • You can withdraw money 8 days after the account opening.
  • Withdrawal can be repeated as many times as needed during the term until the limit amount is reached.
  • You can open Withdrawable Account at any Odeabank Branch.

*You can collect only up to 50% of the balance and also the accrued interest for maximum 2 withdrawals.

Where Can You Have a Withdrawable Account Opened?

You can call 0212 270 84 44 for detailed information and visit any Odeabank branch.